Lab Members

Are you an RU-N Undergraduate looking to get involved in the Well-Being Lab? Fill out an RA Application and email it to Dr. Heintzelman. Applications for Spring 2021 will be reviewed in November.

Graduate Students

Fahima M. | CV

Fahima is a second year student in the PhD Psychology program. Her research interests lie at the intersection of social and positive psychology – she is interested in studying well-being, inequality, and positive outcomes among general and disadvantaged populations. In some of her current projects she explores social mobility among first-gen students, and the role of meaning & well-being in collective action. Outside the lab, she loves reading, lettering, and watching satire.

PREP Students

Bridgette Byrd
Bridgette earned her Bachelor of Arts at Rutgers University-Newark with a major in Psychology and a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. She is currently in the Rutgers PREP Program. Her hobbies include travelling, cooking, and creative projects. A few of her interests include promoting wellness as a “mindset” and providing sustainable initiatives in underprivileged and minority communities. Her view of happiness is cultivated through life’s experiences, an appreciation for nature, healthy relationships with people who look different than her and living with intention in the moment!

Honors Thesis Students

Viridiana Villaseñor

Viridiana is a senior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Social Justice with the Honors Living and Learning Community Program. She has a goal of furthering her education and potentially pursuing her PsyD. Outside of lab, she enjoys listening to music, singing, being with her family and friends, watching movies, and reading realistic fiction and fiction novels.

Eshrat Oyeshee

Oyeshee is a senior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience under the Honors College. She loves photography and traveling. She is happiest when she’s exploring NYC and its many coffee shops.

Bryant Gomez

Bryant is a rising senior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Social Justice with the Honors-Living-Learning Community! Bryant also works as a TA for Braven & hopes to apply for Ph.D program in Social/Organizational Psychology. Outside of academics & work, Bryant loves to catch up with family & friends, read books, hiking, and exploring new places to eat!

Nelson Antonio Reyes

Nelson is a senior majoring in Neurobiology and a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience under the Honors College at Rutgers. He works as a TA under the Chemistry department. Nelson hopes to become a Neuropsychiatrist and be board certified in Palliative Care. He enjoys biking down west side highway and watching the sunset at Battery park. He finds happiness to be a transitory state of mind, and joy as a more lasting state which is a reflection of internal our landscape.

Research Assistants

Arly Navarro

Arly is a senior double majoring in both Criminal Justice and Psychology. Her hobbies include journaling and listening to music. Arly finds happiness in spending time with close friends and family as well as giving back to the community.

Atiyah Hack-Russell

Atiyah is a junior majoring in Psychology with a second concentration through the Honors College. Her hobbies include painting, reading, and learning about new topics.

Sally Durant

Sally is a sociology major with two second concentrations in both Psychology and Political Science. Sally coordinates the End Hunger and Homelessness Campaign for NJPIRG. During free time Sally watches her favorite shows: Criminal Minds and Supernatural as well as learning about astrology and tarot cards. Sally has a YouTube channel that has fashion, hair, lifestyle, and food content.

Micaela Generali

Micaela is a junior studying Psychology and Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Her hobbies and interests are reading, making puzzles, and bowling. She is happiest when she goes on adventures with her family and friends and trying new things.

Brian Barylski

Brian is a senior with a major in Psychology. His hobbies include biking and playing basketball. Music, his friends and family makes him happy.

Daniel Luis Rivera

Daniel is a senior double majoring in Psychology and History. He runs track at Rutgers Newark; in his free time he likes to dance and cook. Daniel is happiest with people he loves or at the park.

Well-Being Lab Alumni

Michelle Mendoza is now a graduate student pursuing her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at University of Oregon.

Kainaat Anwar is now a graduate student pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Rowan University.

Da’Quallon Smith is now a graduate student pursuing his Ph.D. in Psychology at the London School of Economics. *not pictured

Ahmad Awadallah
Rankita Sinha
Grace Akinlolu
Jacqueline Rodriguez
Zakiyyah Ibrahim
Shivangi Sharma
Paula Alves-Czachor
Analaura Ramirez
Thomas Moussa
Mariam Lopez